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General number series (1 - 99) and 200 Bus series (201 - 262)

Out of these, some (like 15, 33) were government buses (including the famous double-decker red buses), while most others were the most common private buses of Kolkata. We can observe that in this series routes are not available for some numbers like 25, 31, 50, 60. It is because either some route numbers have a prefixed version (like L16 or L20) or permits were issued with those numbers but no bus operator was interested in running the route with those numbers. Such gaps can be found in all route series of Kolkata. Most government buses of this series have recently been replaced by their counterparts with an ‘S’ or ‘M’ prefix. Similarly, some private buses may also have ‘L’ or ‘E’ prefixes.

The 200 series of bus routes were started from 1981 and can be considered as an extension to the General bus series.

Similar numberings are also given by Howrah and Hoogly RTAs. All RTAs have their independent system of numbering, so 2 different routes may end up having the same number based on RTA issued.

Minibus series (1 - 45 in Howrah and S101 to S190 in Kolkata)

These smaller buses were started from around 1980, especially keeping in mind the office commuters. Earlier standing was not allowed in them, but due to the huge population, this rule was evoked. Most buses start from diverse locations in the city and end at the centre of the city (applicable for both).

In South 24 Parganas, we have the M series of minibus routes serving as district connections.

DN and SD series

These routes are specially designated for districts North 24 Parganas (Barasat RTA) and South 24 Parganas (Alipore RTA). Most of them run within the respective districts but some buses do serve the metropolitan area as well.

Along with DN series, MM and MN series of private buses are also available for interior areas of North 24 Parganas.

JM series

This series of routes was started from 2009 with the big buses received from Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) (Such buses were also run by normal RTA routes of Kolkata.) Owing to huge maintenance costs, most of the buses (most routes also) have been scrapped, but still some are available.

K and KB and KS series

These series of routes were started in around 2009 - 10 and 2014 respectively, K probably means Kolkata and KB means Kolkata Border (probably because of covering newer areas). Some employ small buses while others have buses similar to normal RTA buses.

Also, we have some more minibuses like the KS series which also form some of the important routes in Kolkata and suburbs, however many are yet to be launched.

Numberless RTA / STA buses

There are a lot of RTA and STA permit private buses which are not numbered and are known by their source and destinations.

Examples of RTA buses: Rajarhat to Nabanna and Chakla to Karunamoyee

Examples of STA buses: Barasat Bgarden, Barasat Baruipur, etc.

West Bengal Government Operated buses

WBTC operated

West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) is a West Bengal state government undertaken corporation. It plies buses, trams and ferries in the state. It was formed by merging existing state transport agencies, namely the Calcutta State Transport Corporation, the Calcutta Tramways Company and the West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation.

WBTC was formed in the year 2016, and has since remained the governing body for most of the government-operated city bus routes in Kolkata (urban and suburban).

WBTC (CSTC) non AC buses (S series (mostly), M, E series and others)

These are the non AC government buses run by the CSTC wing of WBTC. Most employ either Ashok Leyland Janbus, Tata Marcopolo 1613 or 1624 buses. 

WBTC (CTC) non AC buses (C, D, E, T series and others)

These buses are run by the CTC wing of WBTC. They are mainly divided in 4 series, C means City services, D means District services, E means Express services (long routes), and so on. The CTC wing of WBTC mainly operated the following buses: Eicher 10.75, 10.90, 20.15, Tata 1512c Jupiter, Marcopolo 1613, and Ashok Leyland, Viking and Cheetah.

WBTC (CSTC) AC buses (AC series)

These routes were started in around 2014 and have been quite popular since then. Out of them, some routes employ Volvo 8400 buses, while most others employ Ashok Leyland Janbus (AC version). Since facilities in Volvo buses are a bit more than those in Janbuses, so the fare slab in those buses is higher than that in Janbuses. The minimum fare of the Ac buses are fixed at Rs. 20. There is an increment of Rs. 5 per distance slab in the Janbuses and the Electric buses, while there is an increment of Rs. 10 per slab for a Volvo. The CSTC wing of WBTC also operates smaller Ashok Leyland Lynx Smart buses and Tata 712 AC buses and they follow a similar fare structure to those of the Janbuses.

Electric buses have been recently launched by the WBTC, in order to combat the pollution levels of Kolkata. Tata Ultra 9m and Tata 12m electric buses are being currently operated by them.

WBTC (CTC) AC buses (ACT series, EB Series, BE Series)

WBTC(CTC) employs Volvo or Bebbco buses in the form of ACT series and Banglashree express(BE) series.

Generally, Volvo 9400, Volvo 9100 and Ashok Leyland 12m AC buses are used by the CTC. Examples: ACT3, ACT13, etc.

The CTC wing of WBTC is known to operate Tata 9m AC Electric buses. The series is known as EB series. Examples: EB1, EB3, etc.

WBTC(WBSTC) non AC buses (ST, AS series)

These buses are run by the WBSTC wing of WBTC. ST series of buses are run by WBSTC themselves(Example: ST6, ST7, etc), while AS series of buses are run by franchisees(Example: AS3)

WBTC(WBSTC) AC buses (VS series)

VS series of buses were started in around 2008 and are run by WBSTC themselves. They employ Volvo 8400 buses(JNNURM Phase1). Earlier, V series of buses also used to operate with similar buses in partnership with Kaushik Global Logistics Private Limited. But due to heavy outstanding loans the company withdrew its services. Now 2 of its routes, V1 and V9 are operated by CSTC wing of WBTC.

South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC)

SBSTC is known to operate several express services to various parts of Southern Bengal. Numerous services are available from Kolkata, which connect various parts of other districts.

North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC)

NBSTC is known to operate several express services to various parts of Northern Bengal. Numerous services are available from Kolkata, which connect various parts of other districts of Northern Bengal. The Kolkata to Siliguri route and the Kolkata to Malda routes are two of the most important routes operated by NBSTC.

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