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Save route 3

A programme was conducted by our team with the effort to revive the legendary route 3 of Hooghly RTA, whose fleet has been reduced drastically without replacements, the reason being the extensive increase in the number of small vehicles. A legendary route which was once the only local connection between North Kolkata and Hooghly's Serampore was standing at the verge of extinction. With KBOPs valiant efforts we started collecting signatures from the local people and shopkeepers near Serampore Station who had supported the initiative a lot. In fact a number of people from around the city seemed to be very happy as they faced inconveniences because of the drastic reduction in fleet count, as they needed this bus service a lot for their daily commutation. The owners also supported and helped us to reintroduce this legendary route again. Finally with everyone's support, encouragement and media coverage we helped Hooghly 3 to relaunch another bus and the route is now successfully alive with 2 buses running every day. Before this pandemic lockdown, it used to visit Salt Lake and Bagbazar but due to ongoing demand and absence of local trains between GT Road, it usually runs up to Dakshineshwar. Our efforts and campaign were successful and we were very much grateful to everyone who supported us in saving the legendary route 3. In fact, we would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Sudip Goswami, owner of WB15A0663 for his assistance and cooperation in our attempt to make this programme successful.

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