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Double Decker bus Inauguration

We also participated in the inauguration ceremony of some notable transportation attractions which were initiated by the West Bengal Transport Corporation. The introduction of brand new Electric buses The Double Decker Bus, which happened to be an important and favourite mode of the transportation for the people of Calcutta once, has been brought back, however in a new transition with an open roof upper deck and it was mainly focused on the sightseeing of the tourists in the main tourist attractions in the city. The inauguration was done at Nabanna and we were privileged to make an exclusive coverage of the event. Alongside that we were the first ones to cover the Tram Museum at Gariahat Depot, the first one of it's kind in India. It showcased the culture, history and the demand of trams across ages and decades flowing through the veins of Kolkata and surroundings. One will be just astonished and overwhelmed to see our precious past through the modes of tram, as we instantly covered that part for our followers to know more about this museum and support the cause.

​Double Decker bus Inauguration: Text
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