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Reliable Cash Drawers for Your Business

With great versatility and quality, Master Distributors stocks a large assortment of cash drawers and other leading POS systems. We have a wide range of cash storage solutions for seamless sales management and customer processing. After careful research and examination, we take great pride in bringing automatic and manual cash drawers from leading brands like Epson, Panasonic, Star Micronics, Brother, and more. 

Unique Cash Drawers for Unique Environments

At Master Distributors, we have cash drawers for every kind of environment. From invoicing to inventory management, we can take care of all your sales and technological needs. We have a cash drawer for all kinds of business environments including: 

·        Manual Cash Drawers

These cash drawers are operated by a lock and key mechanism. Ideal for micro-stores and small businesses, this low-cost solution stores notes and coins efficiently.

·        Automatic Cash Drawers

Automatic cash drawers can only be accessed after a sale has been completed and the printer prints a receipt. Automatic cash drawers are viable solutions for medium and large businesses.

·        Serial Cash Drawers 

Serial Cash drawers are connected to a POS system via a 9-pin serial connection.  

·        USB Cash Drawers 

USB Cash drawers are connected to a terminal via USB. Make sure your POS vendor supports the cash drawer you want to buy 

Buy the Best Cash Drawers at Master Distributors

We have an extensive range of superior products with the dependability of top brands like Star Micronics, APG, Casio, Sharp, etc. Find the best cash drawer as per your needs and serve your customers with a seamless experience every time. 

Call 1-888-905-7008 or send an email to, and we'd be happy to provide a quote based on your needs. 


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