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Our team has organized Tramjatra which is done on a regular basis (every week) across the operational tram routes like 5, 25, 24/29, 15/12 etc. With the help of some volunteers from our tramways counterparts, we assemble at a tram terminus in demand of more trams in respective routes which are closed now since a long time, an organized timetable for the passengers to know that trams are still operational inside our city.  Further we boarded a tram from that respective terminus and on the way we interacted with the passengers about the importance of the tramways in their daily life and the need to extend the operations of the tramways. We collected signatures from the passengers and distributed leaflets to the same. Local people from various areas and media also supported us in this campaign like the residents near Rabindra Sarani supported us very much in restoring tram routes there as tramways were the only dependable means of transport through that area. With the collection of mass signatures and the importance of trams in some areas, we forward these things to the local authorities hoping for a quick surge for the tramways. Notable example, we also worked for the restoration of one of the famous tram routes like 18 & 36 which used to run between Bidhannagar to Howrah Bridge and Khidirpur to Esplanade respectively and appealed for restoration of tram tracks near Esplanade, BBD Bag, Belgachia area and across the city where day by day the tram tracks were pulled off and maintenance of wooden body trams which signifies our glorious past.

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