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Guide to predicting football effectively without ever losing

When participating in any football betting match, the first task that players need to do is to research and draw conclusions.

Research here means understanding the match information, various types of odds and betting ratios, the amount of bets, and then coming to a conclusion about which team is more likely to win. Making such conclusions is called football prediction.

In the following article, let's explore the most effective football prediction methods with win tips bet!

What is the term football prediction?

Predicting football matches, also known by various names such as predicting football scores or predicting match results, is considered an indispensable activity before players decide to place their bets on any sports match, especially football.

The activities of prediction will include the process of analyzing and evaluating the strength of teams based on various factors such as recent performance, expected starting lineups, lists of players likely to perform well, playing tactics of each team, etc.

After obtaining this data, players will make their predictions about the match outcome and place their bets on the team that is more likely to win.

Depending on each different match, players will have their own betting methods. Players can choose forms of betting such as win-lose odds, score difference odds, etc., whichever is most beneficial to them.

Why is predicting football necessary when betting?

Predicting football is truly essential for any bettor before deciding to place their bets. For seasoned players, there is certainly no need to discuss further about the importance of this issue. However, for newcomers who have just joined the field and do not have much knowledge, here are a few reasons why players need to make predictions before betting:

Firstly, predicting football results will give players the most comprehensive view of the entire match as well as the strength of both teams. From there, players can make accurate predictions for the scores of both teams at the end of the match. This will greatly support players in the betting process and choosing appropriate betting odds.

Making accurate predictions about the outcome of a half or full match will help players win big. Once the prediction is correct, the payout ratio will be extremely high, and of course, the profit will increase many times over.

Some effective football prediction methods for newcomers

In order for players to increase their winning probability when participating in online bookmaker, wintips will immediately reveal to you some of the most accurate prediction methods that many top players apply:

Based on point difference to predict outcomes

In any point-scoring match, both teams want to score full 3 points to gain an advantage for the next round. However, this score will not fully reflect the weaknesses and strengths of each team because the match result depends on many objective and subjective factors.

The outcome of the match can depend on external factors such as weather conditions, expected starting lineups, home or away matches, etc. These are also the data that players need to consider and evaluate in predicting the outcome.

To determine the betting odds based on this method, players can use the following formula: (A - B) x 100. Where:

A: Total points that both teams scored based on the number of matches played away and divided by the total points scored in home matches.

B: Total points scored divided by the total matches at the away team's stadium.

Based on the teams' performance

Another method of predicting football that is highly accurate is based on the teams' performance. The reason is that the teams' performance greatly influences the final outcome, showing the difference between the two teams for the most comprehensive prediction.

Usually, a team will find it difficult to maintain stable performance throughout the entire season, especially as it progresses into the later stages of the match. The reason is that they cannot always win, sometimes conceding goals will affect the players' morale and lead to a loss of fighting spirit.

Therefore, to apply the formula to predict football matches based on the performance of the team, the first task of players is to follow the team's situation in the last 4 - 5 matches closely. This will give players the most comprehensive overview and more accurate predictions.

Based on the win-loss statistics to predict

With this method of predicting football, players need to consider which team has a high goal-scoring rate and whether the team has a definite chance of winning, excluding the team that scored the most goals against the opponent.

To calculate points based on this betting method, players can refer to the following formula developed by professional players: A - B. Where:

A: Total goals scored by the home team.

B: Total goals scored by the away team.

In the case that the difference is a positive number, players should quickly place bets on the home team. Conversely, if the difference is a negative number, players should bet on the away team. Especially, if the difference is 0, players should bet on both teams equally.

The above is all the information related to football prediction methods that newcomers need to master. Hopefully, with wintips' sharing, players can successfully predict and win big prizes.

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